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Welcome to Yawei Transformer

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Welcome to Yawei Transformer

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Welcome To Yawei Transformer

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Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co. Ltd. has a strong production capacity and efficient marketing team. Products include 110KV, 220KV and 35KV large EHV Transformer under dry transformer, oil immersed transformer, amorphous alloy transformers and prefabricated substation, photovoltaic / wind transformer, transformer, transformer, high overload geographic power transformer, dedusting transformer, marine transformer, SVG connection transformer, SVR automatic line regulator, wound core transformer, transformer, Scott (Scott) ZP (T) S special transformer type /ZPSC type /ZPSG-W type multi winding phase-shifting rectifier transformer and a variety of specifications, box furnace, rectifier transformer, transformer etc..

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Provide insurance & Reliable equipment and services have benefited us and our customers for the past 15 years or more.

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  • Address:No.265, The west of Yellow Sea Road, Hai An, Nantong,Jiangsu, China